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conscious consumer UAE

state of play 2019

Our Conscious Consumer UAE research results are now out and they highlight

the need for urgent action

Conscious consumers are beginning to shun products and services

seen as unsustainable

About the study

This first-of-its-kind consumer insight survey in UAE was informed by a series of Discovery Cafés organised across the UAE, followed by an ethnographic study and review of similar surveys in various markets.  


The aim of the survey was to understand the extent to which sustainability is important to UAE consumers and how it is affecting their consumer behaviours and attitudes. We also set out to understand consumer expectations for businesses and the government in promoting responsible consumerism.

Thank you to all the 1,300 UAE citizens and residents who took part in the survey! 

Your feedback has clearly demonstrated the level of interest and demand for more sustainable consumer products and solutions in the UAE.

Now it’s time to move from insight to action!

What we discovered

Conscious consumerism is clearly gaining strength in the UAE and people are actively seeking products and services that align with their sustainability values. As the frustration with limited availability of sustainable alternatives grows, consumers have begun to reject and shun products and services they do not consider to be sustainable. 


Although an overwhelming majority found it either difficult or very difficult to live sustainably in the UAE (76 per cent), the strong desire to do so was evident with nearly everyone stating that they were committed to moving towards a sustainable lifestyle (96 per cent). Further proof of this commitment comes from the fact that 57 per cent of consumers are actively looking for alternative products and services. Significantly, 77 per cent stated that they had chosen not to buy a product in the previous six months as they did not consider it sustainable. 


A group of deeply committed consumers have even begun to make their own products when they are unable to find acceptable alternatives. Key examples of home-made products included laundry detergents, household cleaners and toiletries.

Our survey clearly shows that consumers are ready to change their lifestyles but are calling for support from both the government and businesses to enable them to make better choices and change their daily responsible consumption related behaviours.

What next?


We are committed to ensuring that the study and its findings lead to collaborative efforts by the government, business and consumers to bring about real changes in consumer behaviours and business practices, making a significant contribution to the UAE's sustainability goals.


We are now reaching out to various stakeholders to spread the word about conscious consumerism and its implications for businesses and public sector actors. If you are interested in exploring the results further and understanding their implications for your organisation, check out our Executive Dialogue sessions below.


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A comprehensive report on the Conscious Consumer UAE study covering both the qualitative and quantitative findings can be obtained here


How will your organisation tackle the mounting sustainability challenges and the growing consumer demand for more sustainable products and service?

We have designed a 3-part series of executive sessions that offer an unprecedented opportunity to explore the results of the study further. The main objective is to help you appreciate the implications of the results for your organisation and start the design of value adding responses and solutions.


This series of modular sessions is relevant to both private and public sector organisations.


For more information and bookings go here or send us an email at info@sustainabilityadvisory or call us on +971 50 719 4042


What is your contribution to responsible consumption or production?


How do we make change happen? 



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