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managing what matters


In a world of diverse and often complex expectations, the pressure to comply with various sustainability standards, frameworks and guidelines is obvious. Approaching compliance in haste, however, is a risk in itself. Our first priority is to work with you to adopt the right standards, and we help you make that choice with eyes wide open.

Analysing what really matters to you and your stakeholders gives you the basis for this decision. The adopted standard then gives you a roadmap for what actions are needed to adjust your current approach to sustainability and which performance indicators to account for and why.

Materiality analysis

knowing what matters 

Knowing what matters, or what is ‘material’, is essential for the success of your sustainability programme. Identifying your priority issues clearly and robustly sets the foundation for external credibility and internal business alignment. These two, in turn, ensure best possible returns on your investment. Defining material issues should be done with care and due attention. 

Guidance on standards 

the ABC of sustainability 

Sustainability is riddled with standards, frameworks, initiatives, indexes, awards, ratings, you name it. The landscape can be overwhelming and, at times, our clients wonder what is the real value they bring to their business. We help you navigate this labyrinth and chose the natural fit for your business to meet your specific needs. 

Gap analysis 

knowing where you are   

Whether it is transitioning to a new version of a particular standard or adopting one for the first time, you need to know where you are right now in order to get to where you want to be. Gap analysis against most widely recognised standards is part of our daily bread and butter work – we have the tools and well-tested ways of going about them.

Action and implementation planning  

mapping the road ahead 

Adopting a standard requires action - be it policy development, goal-setting, designing performance indicators or related data collection processes. Actions need prioritising, tasks allocated and resources secured. As every executive knows: no plan, no budget, no progress. Our key contribution here is to help you make the adopted standard look like you, not the other way around.

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