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Advancing SDG12 in the Gulf

We are happy to report that our partnership with Awards International has now led to a new sustainability award category as part of the Gulf Sustainability and CSR Awards. Now in their third edition, these awards recognise companies and individuals for implementing outstanding sustainability and CSR initiatives across the Gulf region.

We partnered with Awards International as part of our wider Conscious Consumerism programme to specifically recognise initiatives that support the objectives of UN’s Sustainable Development Goal 12: Responsible Consumption and Production.

Businesses that enable consumers to be more responsible, reduce household consumption and waste (food, energy and water) and adopt best practices in waste disposal are encouraged to nominate themselves for the award in this category. Key targets underpinning SDG 12 include efficient resource use, waste reduction throughout product lifecycles, environmentally sound management of chemicals and strengthening education and awareness about sustainable practices for business and sustainable lifestyles for consumers.

Early bird award entry is open until 19 September. Final entry deadline is 14 November and the Awards Ceremony is scheduled for 19 February 2019.

Visit www.gulfsustainabilityawards.comfor further information on all the award categories and guidance on how to enter.


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