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Conscious Consumer UAE – Call for Social Discovery Participants

Our Conscious Consumer UAE insight study is moving to its next stage of qualitative research. Following the Discovery Cafes that many of you attended last year, we are now launching an ethnographic exercise to explore the topic further.

This exercise aims to bring about greater understanding of those consumers who make purchasing decisions based on an appreciation of the environmental, ecological and social impacts of those purchases. Our aim is to understand what the motivational drivers are for these decisions and what actions occur as a result – i.e. how your behavior is affected, the influence this has on the types of products you buy, the challenges you face in achieving these purchases etc. The insight gained will be used, in part, to help develop an online survey that will run later this year in UAE.

We are now looking to recruit participants for this 10-day long exercise. Each day you will be asked to provide examples of the following, that you will share via a 1-2-1 Whatsapp discussion with our research co-ordinator:

1. Conscious consumer purchasing decisions made

2. Barriers/obstacles that stopped you from behaving in the way you wanted to

3. Examples of negative behaviours i.e. that demonstrate unsustainable consumer

behaviours – either your own or those you observe in others

You will also be given a daily discussion topic. This topic is intended to prompt a discussion between you and at least one other person. You will need to provide brief notes on this discussion.

We are organising a briefing session for interested participants on Monday 28 January at 6 pm. All instructions will be given at this session. You can register here for the briefing.

We look forward to seeing you at the briefing session and to your contribution to this groundbreaking study in UAE!


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